Posted: 24 March 2022


A calming family abode with Talisa | @soul.and.habits


Welcome to the charming home of @soul.and.habits' family of five. Where tasteful, seaside styling meets modern minimalism. Located in Barunggam Country, this humble abode combines a calming neutral palette with soft pops of green and blue to create this cozy space.





MODERN COASTAL | Interior Style


Q: How would you describe your interior style?

Talisa: I don’t know if I even have a specific style. I like to create a whole bunch of styles put together but maybe lean towards the coastal living look. 


Talisa has styled her bed with an Ivy Gingham Sheet Set and a White Quilt Cover Set.





Q:  A few words about your favourite I Love Linen pieces?

Talisa:  I absolutely love the White Quilt Cover. I think it’s a great asset to the room and can be paired with any patterned sheets to look amazing. I also love the feel once laying down on them. I think if the bedding feels this good I might have to invest in some of the I Love Linen clothing sets.



FAVOURITE SPACE |  Natural Light


Q: What is your favourite nook in your home?

Talisa: I love the living area. It’s a space where everyone can do their own thing but we can all still be together. The beautiful natural light of sun shining through makes the space even better. 


Talisa has styled the kids' room with a Cocoa Gingham Sheet Set and a Creme Quilt Cover Set.





Q: What makes you feel most at home?

Talisa: When I’m surrounded by my family. I’m a real homebody. I also like to create pieces of art, furniture and all sorts to make the home feel homely. I love to get the kids involved too. 




Our aim is to inspire our community with our designs & styling, in addition to using our ever-growing platform to give back. Each time we feature our lovely customers in Places We Live, we will also shine a light on a charitable cause that is close to their heart. In turn, we make a donation on their behalf from orders placed for a specified time from when their feature is released. 

Talisa has chosen Yalari as the organisation she would like us to give back to. Talisa values Yalari’s passion for educating and empowering Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities to bring about generational change. A portion of all orders placed from today until Sunday will be donated on behalf of Talisa

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