Posted: 26 June 2022


Eclectic Vintage with Ron| @mrcigar

Come with us as we discover the sun-drenched home of @mrcigar. Designer and curator of @mrhomebody, Ron Goh has filled his Auckland based home with an eclectic mix of vintage treasures, creating a swoon-worthy space known for its rich green hues.



ECLECTIC & TIMELESS | Curated Vintage


Q: How would you describe your interior style?

Ron:  My interior style doesn't really fit into any category. When decorating the space, it really depends on what I found during my daily search. I love mixing different eras of furniture I've found, and the end results are always surprisingly rewarding and unique.



FAVOURITE NOOK |  Sunrise to Sunset


Q: What is your favourite nook in your home?

Ron: That would be in the corner of our airy and spacious living area. I love sitting on the green couch, watching the view from sunrise to sunset. During the day this is nice with a cup of coffee and during the evening, pulling the blind down to watch something on the projector. 



FAVOURITE PIECES | Soft to the touch


Q: A few words about your favourite I Love Linen pieces.

Ron: I absolutely love the colours and the designs of my I Love Linen pieces. The Linen is so soft to the touch, which does make it hard to get out of bed!


Ron styles the bedroom with our French Linen Ivy Gingham Sheet Set & Quilt Cover Set 





Q: What makes you feel most at home?

Ron: Having a space where I can be myself. A space where I can let my creativity grow and evolve in a comfortable and natural way.  




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As a doting dog-parent to the gorgeous Ninny, Ron's love for animals runs deep. NZ SPCA has 35 shelters across New Zealand, working to promote the human treament of animals.

A portion of all orders from today until Tuesday will be donated in Ron's behalf. 

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