Posted: 14 January 2022



Meet Lulu | @_lucyinthesky


Meet Lulu, the beachside beauty who lives in the most quaint abode I may have ever seen, located in the idyllic coastal town of Crescent Head. Lulu's home fulfils all of my blue-crush beach shack fantasies. As I flick through the images of this home I almost expect Lulu to reach through the screen to hand me a half-melted ice-pole and a cold stick of aloe vera. Step into your own summer fantasy and enjoy this month's Places We Live, with thanks to the wonderful @_lucyinthesky.



French linen, lookbook, beige gingham, bedding



Interior Style | Eclectic curation


Lulu's beach town abode features an eclectic curation of vintage goods, handmade wares & peachy hues. Each and every item in her home tells a story, has a purpose and brings joy to herself and her visitors. Lulu explains "our external spaces shape our internal worlds and vice versa, so I mindfully design for the experiences I want to create and share in my home".





Favourite Nook | A simple choice


Spoilt for choice, when I asked Lulu what her favourite nook would be in her home, she explains it is nearly impossible to choose just one. With much consideration, she settles for the simplest nook in her home - the crevasse on the steps where friends sit and chat while she cooks in the kitchen.



French linen, lookbook, beige gingham, bedding



Linen layers | Peachy hues



Lulu kindly shares her love for our linen "I love waking up in a colourful cloud. My bed feels like an artwork draped in linen, and every time I change the sheets it brings such different energy into the room!"





Home | My Family


Lulu explains that her greatest sense of 'home' comes from her community and the sharing of experiences with the people she loves in this space that she has created. Many of the items in her home are gifted - from the art on the walls, mugs in the kitchen, blanket crocheted by her mum and the speakers built by a friend. Lulu shares that these gifts bring warmth to her home and connects her to those people even when they're not around.




Giving Back | Bush Heritage


When we feature our lovely customers on Places We Live, we also make a donation on their behalf to a charity of their choice. Lulu's charity of choice is Bush Heritage, an independent not-for-profit that buys and manages land with a mission to conserve the Australian landscape and its native species.

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More on our Giving Back initiative here.