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Welcome to the farm | @glenferniefarm



Welcome to the countryside home of Glenfernie Farm duo, Millie and Izzy. A true Byron Bay hillside escape. The charming farmhouse is decorated tastefully - high ceilings, original cladding and dark timber floors are subtly complemented by neutral accents and rustic timber furnishings. Read on to join our conversation with Millie & Izzy and to enjoy the lust-worthy scenes Glenfernie Farm has to offer.  



French linen, lookbook, beige gingham, bedding



Interior Style | Neutral & Timeless



When Millie & Izzy described their interior style as neutral and timeless, this came as no surprise to us. The Glenfernie duo explain that with the house being over 100 years old, their intention was to create a country cottage feel, while still paying homage to the coastline the home resides on - Byron Bay. This cottage is calmly void of modern clutter and colour is simply introduced with flowers and foliage.





Favourite Nook| Large Bay Window



I was surprised to know that the duo's favourite nook is one that did not come with the house, but is one they created. Millie & Izzy explain that from the moment they placed foot into their master bedroom, they knew they wanted to introduce a large bay window to the space. Now, looking at images of the room, I couldn't imagine the space without the window, a perfect fit for a perfect countryside cottage.





Linen Love | Bedding & Loungewear



Both Millie & Izzy keenly express their long-standing love for linen, "being in Byron, we wear linen every day as it's lightweight, comfortable and stylish". Staying true to their interior aesthetic, the women gravitate toward neutral earthy colours that evoke calm in their home. 






Home | Summer evenings



The Glenfernie Farmhouse, secluded from the hustle and bustle of Byron Bay, hosts the perfect spot to watch the sun fall behind the rolling hinterland hills. On a warm Summer evening, Millie & Izzy find themselves the most at home enjoying this view, kicked back on the verandah of their charming Queenslander home. The roaring sunset reflects across the pool and a glass of wine, accompanied by a cheeseboard is shared with dear friends. This moment is one that gives the duo that intrinsic sense of home.




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Giving Back | WIRES



The ladies from Glenfernie Farm have chosen WIRES as the organisation they would like us to give back to. Living on a property, Millie & Izzy have encountered their fair share of injured animals and have first-hand encountered the wonderful services WIRES are able to deliver. A portion of all orders placed from today until Sunday will be donated on their behalf to WIRES.

Learn more about the foundation at or @wireswildliferescue


More on our Giving Back initiative here.


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