Posted: 14 December 2017

With the hot weather officially settling in, there's no better place than sitting under an umbrella by the beach. So without further ado, meet our five must-visit beaches around Australia this summer. 

Lizard Island, QLD

We couldn’t talk Australian beaches without featuring the Great Barrier Reef. Lizard Island is a one hour flight from Cairns that will fly you over 200kms of the Great Barrier Reef. You can stay on the exclusive island and enjoy day trips to explore more the reef, or simply experience it for yourself by snorkelling around the island.  Enjoy fresh seafood, resort day spas and some serious privacy on the stunning Lizard Island. 


Bremer Island, NT

Go remote and experience the stunning Bremer Island in Australia’s top end. Bremer Island is enriched in history and indigenous culture. While exploring, you could join a tour with some local guides. They can teach you to fish the traditional way or you can be shown how to weave by the women from the local community. 



Sealers Cove, VIC 

Situated in the Wilson’s Promontory National Park, you will have to earn the chance to experience the natural beauty of Sealers Cove. It’s seclusion and the amazing journey to the beach is what makes it so beautiful. The deep cove is well protected from winds and keeps the water calm, you are guaranteed to see a wide range of wildlife. Make a weekend of your visit to Sealers Cove so you can soak up all the beautiful national park has to offer. 


Angourie, NSW

Just 7 minutes from Yamba, Angourie is a little more rugged than other blissful beaches but beautiful in it’s own right. The point is popular with surfers. If surfing isn't your thing, be sure to make your way down the grassy track to catch the view at the point. 



Hellfire Bay,WA 

This beauty is located 60kms from popular Esperance WA. That white sand against the towering Frenchman’s Peak is a sight to be seen. You can also trek the surrounding Cape Le Grand National Park and you may even spot a kangaroo or two having a swim. 


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Lizard Island - Bremer Island - Sealers Cove - Angourie - Hellfire Bay


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