Posted: 17 February 2021

With so many new designs and product launches planned for 2021, we're shining a light on our first two launches for the year. 

This month, we had two very exciting launches take place: The Lola Hat, our first-ever bucket hat; and our 30cm Fitted Sheets, with us being the first and only brand to offer 3 different options for fitted sheet depths to ensure a perfect fit for your mattress.


The Lola Hat

Introducing our first French linen bucket hat, the Lola. She's fun. She's playful. She's effortless. The Lola Hat is perfect for beach days and sun-filled afternoons. This soft and durable hat is made with sustainability in mind, using 100% natural fibres and dyed with non-toxic dyes. The Lola Hat is designed for all, with more of a snug or relaxed fit depending on your hat size.


30cm Fitted Sheets

We introduced to you a market-first 30cm fitted sheet for Linen bedding. Say goodbye to baggy fitted sheets and sleeping on excess fabric, and say hello to a snug fit and a sound sleep with a fitted sheet perfect for your mattress. With three different fitted sheet depths, you can now find the perfect fit no matter what mattress you have.


Discover our new designs, intended to inspire your style and refine your life, available now. 

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