This International Women's Day


We sat down with the wonderful ladies of I Love Linen to hear the ways they're choosing to embody this year's International Women's Day theme #choosetochallenge




"As a mother and businesswoman, I choose to challenge the perceived role of what a woman is who balances career and caring for a family so that I can raise brilliant, curious, and strong daughters who will no doubt be living and raising families in a very different world to what we see today."



"I choose to challenge the belief that women can only be defined by traditional feminine traits. I choose to inspire my team to be both strong and gentle, strategically minded and empathetic, successful and humble."




"This International Women's Day I want to make a commitment to myself to do what it takes to be the best Daughter, Sister & Friend I can be."




"Starting today, I will only communicate in a way that empowers myself and all women. I challenge myself to speak up against anyone who makes me feel like my voice is not heard."




 "I hope to inspire other women to stand up for themselves and speak up when things aren't right. I will use my female voice to do more. "



"I choose to challenge myself daily to act in a way that creates a more inclusive world for everybody."



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