A series of popular colour combinations to help you choose the perfect FREE Pillowcase Set to match your bedding.


We are so excited to be offering a FREE set of Pillowcases when you spend over $200 during our Unmissable Sale Event (ends 16.04.21). We have put together a quick guide below of some popular shade combinations to help you choose the perfect shade for your bedding. 






1. Pillowcases in Marine Blue.

2. Quilt Cover in White.

3. Sheet Set in Pinstripe.


This combination is perfect for a clean, gender-neutral bedding look, with cooler undertones these shades are perfect for colder seasons. This bedding combination would also work well with Clay, White or Olive Pillowcases.





1. Pillowcases in Clay.

2. Quilt Cover in Sandalwood.

3. Sheet Set in Crème.


This combination is perfect for creating a warm, tonal & earthy bedding moment, perfect for those with timber home accents and organic, earthy interior aesthetics. If you want a less feminine look, swap the Clay Pillowcases for Ochre. 






1. Pillowcases in Lilac.

2. Quilt Cover in Beige Gingham.

3. Sheet Set in Blush.


This combination is perfect for creating a youthful, bright, bedding moment. Our team have been loving Lilac recently, we all love how bright & fun it can be in various different bedding combinations. Lilac Pillowcases are the hero of this look, but if you wish to tone it down a little style this look with Clay, Marine Blue, Mustard or Ochre Pillowcases. 






1. Pillowcases in Sandalwood.

2. Quilt Cover in Blush.

3. Sheet Set in Mustard.


Combination 4 is a sweet combination of soft, earthy, feminine tones. Change this look up easily with Beige Gingham, Clay, Sage, Ochre, Soft Grey Stripe or Lilac Pillowcases.





1. Pillowcases in Ochre.

2. Quilt Cover in Pinstripe.

3. Sheet Set in White.


Our final combination recommendation is this trio of cool, warm & classic print. This shade combination is perfect for the modern home, as shot above on location in Hikari House. Mix this look up by swapping Ochre Pillowcases for Mustard, Sandalwood, Sage or White Pillowcases.