Posted: 16 July 2019


Our 5 top tips for treating yourself this winter

Winter is a time to slow down, cuddle up and enjoy all of life’s simple pleasures. Here are our top 5 tips for looking after yourself this winter. 

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Put Screens Away

As you’re slowing down and switching off before bed, try putting screens away at least 2 - 3 hours before bed. We know it’s hard, but more and more research is telling us that blue light from our screens is disrupting our body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. 

According to Harvard Medical School Study, blue light can suppress our sleep hormone, melatonin for up to twice as long, read more here.



 Light a candle

Creating a ritual before bed helps calm your mind and settle the space. Try and focus on the flicker of the flame for 5 minutes and clear your mind and focus on your breath for an easy introduction to meditation. 



Reassess your bedding

If you’re not sleeping as well as you used to, it is time to make an investment - and no, it doesn’t need to be up in the outrageous dollar value. Our mattress toppers can add that extra layer of comfort to a mattress on it’s last few years of life, or alternatively provide a protective layer to help your new mattress last longer. 

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Use scent to create the perfect sleeping space

Using scent to signal to the mind that it's time to unwind before bed is the perfect way to get into a healthy sleeping cycle if you have trouble switching off before sleep.

Auric Alchemy's Dream blend is the perfect balance to bring calm and grounding to space and your energy before bed. Featuring lavender and chamomile as soothing aromas to the nervous system, marjoram which has been known to ease insomnia (not recommended during pregnancy) and a hint of citrus for bringing clarity to the mind it's the perfect addition to any nightly ritual.

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Make sure you have a pillow that supports your sleeping position 

Everyone has different sleeping styles, but no matter which way you sleep, you need a pillow that supports your neck and back and sets you up to stay in your REM sleep longer.  

Our 'Sleep Easy' Pillows create a positive sleeping position for tummy, back and side sleepers. Think about how your head needs to be when you sleep, you want to achieve a well-supported position for your spine and neck as you sleep, pillow design allows you to sink comfortably into a beautiful sleeping position night after night. 

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