While it may seem like all Fitted Sheets are the same, choosing the right size for your mattress can be a tricky task. Here at I Love Linen, we offer 3 different depths of our French Linen Fitted Sheets, 30cm, 40cm & 50cm to ensure you get the correct fit no matter what type of mattress you have. Having the correct size Fitted Sheet for your bedroom not only looks better on your bed, but also means it is more likely to stay put during the night. 


 Looking at your mattress to determine the depth may not be accurate enough to determine the most suitable size for your bed. We recommend using a measuring tape or even a ruler to get a more accurate measurement. If you sometimes use a Mattress Topper on your bed, this also needs to be considered when collecting measurements.



How to Measure Your Mattress


To measure the depth of your mattress, ensure there are no additional sheets, blankets or Mattress Toppers on the mattress. Place your hand flat along the top of the mattress. In this hand, hold a measuring tape or ruler and measure from the highest point to the lowest point of your mattres. We recommend rounding the measurement of your mattress up to the closest sheet depth. For example, if your mattress measures 36cm, we recommend choosing a 40cm Fitted Sheet or if your mattress measures 31, we still recommend choosing a 40cm depth.  


A lot of love and time goes into making your Linens, and for the most part, all items are made by people and not machines. While we state the intended sizes and measurements, there may be a variation of up to 6%, reflecting that each piece is unique and made by hand. This is why we reccommend rounding up your sheet depth and tucking any excess underneath your mattress.


How to measure your mattress depth from I Love Linen on Vimeo



Typically, if you have a firmer mattress that does not have a pillowtop a 30cm Fitted Sheet is the most likely to fit correctly. For example a Koala or Ecosa branded mattress typically suit a 30cm Fitted Sheet.


The average sized mattress with a standard pillowtop is suited for a 40cm Fitted Sheet.


If you have an ultra plush mattress or use a large Pillow Topper, a 50cm Fitted Sheet is the most suitable.



A Note on Fabrics


At I Love Linen, we offer both 100% Pure French Linen and our Hotel Cotton Collection fabric variations in our Fitted Sheets. Whilst both fabrics are a beautiful choice for your bed, it is important to consider the stretch of these natural fibres in relation to the size of your mattress.Cotton tends to hold a firmer fit on your mattress and not have much excess to tuck due to its tighter weave. This compact weave means that your Fitted Sheet is likely to stay the same size overtime. Just like your favourite pair of jeans, your Linen relaxes with the warmth and movement of your body and once washed will return to its original fit.  However, as Linen is a softer fibre with a looser weave, the fabric can have some stretch overtime. With regular use and washes the softness of the Linen fibre may cause your Fitted Sheet to relax in its fit over time. Please note, our Gingham and Striped French Linen tends to be a softer fit due to the type of weave needed to create the unique designs.


Please note, our Linen is a delicate, natural fibre that requires specific care. To increase the longevity of your French Linen Sheets, especially your Fitted Sheet we recommend rotating your sheets weekly with two other Sheet Sets to avoid the wear that comes with regular contact.  For more information on how to care for your Fitted Sheets and other I Love Linen Sheets & Bedding, see our Care Guide.

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