Posted: 18 January 2018



Who said you couldn't dine in style this Australia Day plus every other day of the year? Certainly not us! Here's our quick and easy guide to a stylish Australia day. 

1. Start with your base & keep things tonal 

To begin we chose a palette of earthy naturals, olive and sage to create a cool calm environment that lets the other accessories take the spotlight. Starting with a complimentary colour palette lets the other accessories come to life as you add each element to the table. 



2. Bring the outdoors in

Flowers are the perfect accessory so, with Australia Day in mind, we sourced a range of beautiful Australiana flowers. We lay these along the table and filled each napkin with a sprig of Baby's Breath because who doesn't love flowers?! 



3. Let your ceramics & accessories sing 

As you add each piece to the table you will see everything quickly come together. Our plates were neutral and fresh so paired beautifully with the napkins and tablecloth, whilst the black cutlery anchored the look. 

If you still think something is missing, look around the house and see what other tonal ceramics you might have. We found a large white vase with green leaves painted on it so filled that with even more flowers to create shape and add more colour. 



And there you have it, a beautiful stylish table setting that everyone will love. Our final tip is to always set it before your guests arrive as well, less work for everyone plus it sets the tone of the party! 

Happy Australia Day! 


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