How simple changes to your home can positively influence your mood

Having you been feeling unsettled lately at home? Perhaps flustered, over-whelmed or exhausted? These are all signs that maybe it's time to reassess your space and take into account what could be subtly affecting your mood. Read our 5 top simple and easy tips that you can implement in your home to help transform your space into one that is relaxing, warm and inviting. 



Declutter & Organise 

Decluttering and organising your space is always our first step to tackling any room. The simple task of just reorganising your shelf or decluttering your cupboard can instantly uplift your mood. So if you've been avoiding a space in your house because of this reason, this is your sign to jump in head first - we promise you'll feel better having done it after. 



Add greenery to your home

There are so many benefits to adding greenery to your home. Not only does it transform your space into a lush and tropical retreat, but having plants in your home can greatly improve your air quality as well as reduce stress. A few of our favourites are the Peace Lilly, Chinese Evergreen and Devil's Ivy. 



Rearrange your space 

Sometimes all you need is a space rearrangement to feel like you're in a completely new environment. Whether it's big or small, changing the flow of your room can greatly impact its functionality and refresh your space for the better.



Alter your atmosphere with lighting 

Light plays such a vital role in any home, be it natural or artificial, it's important to take into account all sources that you use every day. Make sure you maximise the amount of natural light you have in your home, as this can both boost your mood and improve your sleeping patterns. Create an inviting nighttime mood with warm, yellow lighting, and aim to switch off all bright lights at least an hour before sleep to get your body and mind ready for bed. 



Uplift your space with colour

There is a lot of psychology research behind colour and the way it can make us feel. Colour can have both positive and negative associations to it, acknowledging what makes you feel the most uplifted is important when analysing your space. If you have a lot of colour painted on your walls, it could be time for a switch-up or even time to strip it back.

Beds take up such a large amount of space in your room, so what you choose to put on your bed is as equally important for creating an uplifting environment. For us, white linen on the bed says cleanness, clarity and freshness, while mustard linen says warmth and happiness. 

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