Posted: 17 June 2021


5 Ways To Well | Global Wellness Day 2021

Our intention this Wellness Day was to share achievable wellness tips, tricks, recipes and guides over five days to promote a holistic approach to wellness. We covered topics around Financial Wellness, Physical Wellness & Mental Wellness, alongside our amazing partners @shesonthemoneyau, @ournourishingtable, @growthegrin, @maddytrueman. 



DAY 1 | Inspiring Walks

To start our online community on their journey of wellness, our team curated a series of inspiring walks, nestled in nature, with the intention to connect mind, body & spirit. Arkaroo Rock Trail (SA), Minyon Falls (NSW), North Gorge Walk (QLD), Thistle Cove Beach Walk (WA), Triplet Falls (VIC) were among the nature walks listed. Duration, destination and cultural tips were shared with each of these destinations, to find the full list, visit our  Instagram Highlights.

DAY 2 | The Ultimate Pamper

On the second day of wellness, we shared three simple DIY self-care recipes for our community to create from the comfort of their own home. A bath bomb, calming spray & matcha face mask were of the three recipes shared & all ingredients were natural, easy to source and cost-effective. 

DAY 3 | Revise your Money Story

Financial wellness was at the top of our list when discussing our 5 Days Of Well campaign. After a tough 2020 for many, financial wellness has become a topic of important discussion. We were proud to partner with @shesonthemoneyaus to discuss some important tips our community can use to enhance their financial health.


DAY 4 |  Eat your way to well

Eat your way too well with three nourishing recipes, full of bright, colourful vegetables, healthy grains and delightful whole foods. We were lucky enough to partner with @ournourishingtable@growthegrin & @maddytrueman to share some exciting & delicious recipes with our online community.


DAY 5 |  Focus your way to well

To celebrate the final day of wellness, we delved inwards & asked our team to share some of their favourite mantras for the mind. We were able to compile a few of our favourite sayings that were then designed into sweet mobile wallpapers as a daily reminder to be thankful, inspired and grounded.


To those that joined us along the journey that was 5 Days To Well, I hope you feel as nourished, pampered and enlightened as we do. If you missed out on our wellness journey, visit our Instagram Highlights and enjoy our curated list of wellness resources for yourself. 



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