When it comes to skin, hair and nail health- Nutra Organics aren't messing around. Their Collagen Beauty™ is the most effective formulation for external collagen regeneration, and in under 8 weeks will reduce skin wrinkles & smooth lines, increase skin hydration & elasticity, and support healthy hair & nails. Given our skin is made up of over 75% collagen, which begins to degenerate in our mid-20s, Collagen Beauty is the convenient and natural solution to supporting collagen regeneration. Using clinically proven Verisol® Collagen Peptides together with bioavailable Vitamin C and Zinc, Collagen Beauty™ provides the most targeted ingredients that deliver visible results. Add their unflavoured Collagen Beauty™ to anything from coffee, smoothies, juice and food, or mix their three natural Collagen Beauty™ flavours (available in Waterberry, Wildflower and Lemon Lime) into water for a delicious low sugar collagen drink. Take your natural glow to the next level and treat yourself to some Collagen Beauty™.


Scroll for a delicious youthful recipe.



Get Up & Glow Smoothie Recipe 


1 frozen banana 

1 Tbs nut butter

1/2 cup coconut milk

3-4 ice cubes

1/2 cup water

pinch of salt 

Toppings (optional): Cinnamon & Dried Rose Petals 

1-2 Tbs Clean Protein Vanilla Cookie Dough

2 scoops Collagen Beauty™.



1. Add all ingredients into a blender and blitz until smooth.

2. Top with a little cinnamon and dried rose petals.


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