Posted: 4 December 2017


After shooting two campaigns at the Byron Beach Abodes we thought it time we spoke to the person behind those beautiful abodes, Taliah Lowry. She spent her childhood growing up around the world and you see this style reflected in each of the abodes - stylish, luxurious and always comfortable. A home away from home.  Surrounded by books and a mix of old and new furniture, we can't get enough of the spaces. 

You can find their website here and don't forget to check out their Instagram @byron_beach_abodes

We’re constantly inspired by your styling; can you tell us where you find your inspiration and is this style reflective of your own home?

My travels. I had a fairly wild childhood - we lived all over the world. I think being exposed to countries and cultures at an early age awakened a fascination with design and aesthetics. I am drawn to beauty in contrast and the unexpected harmony of old and new. My approach is to create a sense of whole by bringing disparate elements together. Our own home is a mix of many styles, not just one “look”. 



What creates the perfect experience for guests and keeps them coming back?

In each of our properties, we work hard to provide a “home away from home” for our guests with a special emphasis on luxury. I want our guests to have all the elements they would in their own homes, such as books, artwork, games, luxurious beach towels, yet we also have an “extra’s list" in our compendiums with a range of items our guests can request anytime - from a NutriBullet for making juices and scrambling eggs to vintage French ice buckets, Scrabble sets and sewing kits - it’s a long list!  

I also strongly believe in the importance of luxury bedding and linen, and not just your average hotel bed. We invest in the most comfortable beds, sumptuous linens and soft furnishings, which to me is absolute luxury living. 



You used our Hotel Cloud Collection in the Bower suites, what has the feedback been?

Seriously, it’s the best thing we have ever done! At the start, we ordered them for our new hotel, The Bower. Then we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our guests that we decided to order them for The Villas and all our other Abodes as well.  It has now become one of our signature features – the best business investment this year for sure. 



What are your must-visit restaurants and things to do when in Byron? 

We are very passionate about the local environment and of course food. We test every place we recommend for our curated list of recommendations in the compendium. A few of my favourite local places are Bay Leaf, St. Elmos, Beach, The Roadhouse, 100-mile table, Harvest and Fleet. One of my favourite walks is through the rainforest track to the Broken Head beaches - Whites Beach is the ultimate. 



Based in the beautiful Byron Bay, will you be spending Christmas beachside or somewhere else? 

We are whisking our three boys away for a white Christmas in Whistler, Canada. My bags are filled with ski gear and my own linen (no kidding). I am slightly linen obsessed and don’t expect other hotels to have what we provide in ours so I take my own.



Are there any I Love Linen goodies on your wishlist this year?

My Christmas wish list definitely has I Love Linen’s bean bags and floor cushions on it. I would love these for our new house, we are just about to start building. I also really like the olive and charcoal linen bedding. I’m addicted to the darker moody tones that you guys offer – so divine.



You can find them on Instagram here and for all bookings, visit there website by clicking here. 


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