The latest addition to the I Love Linen family is our range of silky soft Pure Organic Bamboo sheet sets. Known for their naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, it’s perfect for sensitive sleepers keeping those allergies at bay! Oh, and did we mention it was silky soft? SO soft.

Bamboo also keeps you beautifully fresh at night with its breathable, absorbent and thermal regulating features. So, if you identify as a hot sleeper or if you’re a cooler sleeper and love a bit of extra warmth, these are the perfect sheet for you. Plus, it’s an all-natural fabric like our Pure French Linen and the textures pair beautifully together. Who wouldn’t love a linen and bamboo combination?!

With four colours available (White, Silver, Pistachio and Charcoal) you can create a range of combinations or keep it tonal by pairing like-minded colours together.  Create your look today and shop our Pure Organic Bamboo

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