Posted: 20 November 2017


Bec Williams of Sugar Shack Styling Co is one of our favourite eclectic bloggers inspiring us on all things vintage, DIY and repurposed treasures. Based in WA in a beachside town called Dunsborough, she spends her time creating, DIYing, shooting and styling so we spent some time with her to talk all things Sugarshack and Christmas. 

We’re constantly inspired by your eclectic and fun style, can you tell us where you find your inspiration? 

Thank you so much! I think my main inspiration is my family. I come from a long line of world travellers, collectors (some might say hoarders) and artists. My aunty especially is a world-class maximalist. I'm inspired by colourful marketplaces packed to the brim with traditional textiles like woven rugs, embroideries and handicrafts. And always when I'm travelling, the main thing on my mind is finding the best markets. 



What are your top tips for someone who wants to create an eclectic room but isn’t sure where to start? 

My style recipe is always changing, but I believe that if you ONLY collect the things you absolutely love despite trends coming and going, eventually you will see your style emerging. I strongly believe that a homes success has more to do with how it feels rather than if it's picture perfect. Infuse your home with treasured pieces and good vibes and you will be on to a winner. And make the time to intuitively nest in your home. It's the day to day pottering that brings me the most joy and helps me create my space. Regular reshuffling also brings new energy to your home, which I love! 



Christmas is fast approaching, what will your Christmas gifts look like this year?

My favourite gifts are of the potted variety so this year I will be recycling tin cans and making them into colourful planters for succulent cuttings from the garden. It's simple, all you need to do is collect your tin cans, wash them and puncture the bottoms with a hammer and nail to create drainage holes. Using a tin of paint - mine is a Dulux sample pot called ‘Mexican Standoff’, give them a coat of paint and leave to dry. Once they're dry, you fill them with some succulent potting mix and put in your cuttings. Tie with string and a little love note and you are ready to roll! Plus they're a gift that keeps giving as they rust and change over time, giving the paint the most beautiful finish. 



How do you plan on spending Christmas this year?

Most years we drive to the city and make stops at various family gatherings but this year is different. We've decided to stay at home in our little seaside town of Dunsborough and host Christmas at the Sugarshack. I doubt it will be very traditional. More likely a cold lunch with everyone bringing a plate along. A gazebo set up on one of our amazing beaches. Great music, lots of swimming, a few drinks, followed by a big sleep in the afternoon. With our family travelling all the way from the city we want to reward them with a relaxing day full of Dunsborough holiday vibes.



We love seeing how you style our Milk/Stripes linen, how does that work as a base for an eclectic look?

 I am so easily seduced by colour and pattern. I tend to collect LOTS of bright, patterned and textured pieces and I find that the milk/stripe combo is the perfect neutral base on which to display my collections. It's very versatile so I am able to change up my looks easily just by swapping my pillow display or throws without going to too much effort. I have quite a maximalist aesthetic and the neutral linen brings calm to what could be an overwhelming space. My bedroom is also quite dark and shadowy so the lighter linen really brightens up the room. 



You can visit Bec's website here or have a look at her Instagram @sugarshack_styling_co for more inspiration. 

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