Posted: 10 March 2021


A growing collection

We are always so excited to introduce new Earthy shades to our collection and this month we're delighted to welcome Sienna to the family. If you are drawn to rich Earthy hues, we now have a shade for everyone. To help you decide which Earthy shade is the right one for you, we have compared three popular hues below.


Our newest Earthy shade Sienna, is the mature big sister to our other exclusive shade Desert Rose. Sienna is a beautiful Mediterranean inspired, muted, dusky, red and is the perfect trans-seasonal colour choice. 


Key design features:
Rustic, Dusky, Earthy, Deep, Red Tones.

What to style Sienna with:
Style Sienna with Sandalwood, Clay, or Crème, to keep the look muted, or pair with White for a crisp, clean contrast. 






Desert Rose was created with intention to reflect the bright, dusky sunsets of the European. This exclusive shade exhibits brighter and more coral undertones than our latest Earthy shade, Sienna. This delightful shade holds similar richness in colour to Ochre, though displays more red/pink undertones, making the shade a more feminine choice. 

Key design features:
Vibrant, Bold, Earthy, Coral Undertones.

What to style Desert Rose with:
We love styling Desert Rose with White or Blush to soften it's vibrancy, or for a bold combination we recommend pairing with Ochre.






As one of the first Earthy shades exclusive to I Love Linen, Ochre has consistently remained a community favourite. The shade reflects a stunning, rich, burnt orange, tone and is warm and inviting, perfect on its own, or as a complimentary piece. 

Key design features:
Burnt, Rich, Earthy, Bold.

What to style Ochre with:
Style with softer shades like Sandalwood and Clay for an understated Earthy look, or pair with Mustard for a bold statement.



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