Posted: 24 October 2021




It's been an exciting month of introducing Daisy to our community. By now, most of you will be familiar with the wonderful new shade that is Daisy, but do you know how to style it with other shades from our range? Read on to learn three of our favourite ways to bring this delightful yellow to life. 






An injection of warmth


Welcome Springtime nostalgia and dress your bed with Daisy from head to toe. Let this sweet yellow sensation take centre stage, injecting warmth and excitement into your dream space. Style Daisy with neutral textured furnishing to continue the awe of the space without drawing the attention away from the hero that is Daisy. We have chosen a McMullin & Co Bed Head, Marloe Marloe Vase, Side Table by Curated Spaces Teresa Vigroux Mirror as the style complements to this new shade.





A Modern Retro Twist


Fun, feminine and joyful. With such pleasure our team brought this combination to life, a look we call the modern retro twist. Think of a newly renovated hundred-year-old Parisian apartment. Old school bones restyled with fun and elevated finishes. Welcome to Daisy, dressed in vibrant Lilac and classic Beige Gingham. Keep the joy alive with a mixture of classic and unique accessories. We have styled this room with a luscious vintage Rug by Piazza Piazza, Marloe Marloe Vase & Candle Holders, a Side Table by Curated Spaces and vibrant prints inspired by Matisse.




French linen, lookbook, beige gingham, bedding


A classic take on Wonderland


While creating vibrant bedroom scenes is always such a pleasure, this combination is dedicated to those in our community who shy away from extravagance. Pair the all-new Daisy with oceanic Marine Blue, crisp White and calming Grey Stripe and say hello to your new classic, yet contemporary space. Modernise this look with paired back, clean interior elements. We have chosen a simple vintage chair, a McMullin & Co Bench seat Marloe Marloe Vase to complete this look.