We've been doing a lot of research about colour in the past few weeks, as we've got some exciting changes we're planning for the online store.

I'll share a few of our fave moodboards that the team worked up in the design process, starting with this brilliant combination of sophisticated and rich charcoal paired with it's fun and energy filled friend Turquoise. The pair work so well together, an instantly agreeable balance of dark and light, sombre and playful - for any bedroom or bathroom.

We've got a few gorgeous products in-store that create the perfect look too:

Lush charcoal sheets, turkish towels, and cushion covers.

Do you like this combination?




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What's your style?

Two different bedrooms, two lovely looks - which one could you see yourself in?

We ran a poll on our facebook page and Bedroom A got a pretty big response from the community - but we think both bedrooms have got some pretty good features.

We love Bedroom A for it's clean and calm atmosphere, and the use of muted bed linen colours ehances the sense of serenity. Obviously lots of natural light and big clean white walls help to open up the space a lot too.

Bedroom B, is a lot more bold and striking, but we think the stylist has done a very clever job in choosing a blue that's warm and not overwhelming. There's a lot of prints and patterns going on in this room but it manages to work because of careful choices of brillint wall paper set agains soft and subtle bed sheets and bed throw - see how they've made sure that the soft furnishings are pulled back and they let the wall and the base of the bed do all the talking?

Either way, we wouldn't mind if either room was ours, but what about YOU?




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Why is it important to have a throw in your home!

With the cooler weather approaching, we say goodbye to the long sunny days at the beach, lazy picnics, and enjoying a good bottle of rose or chilled white wine and a delicious long al fresco lunch! However, as sad as I am at the passing of summer, there is something to look forward to as the days become cooler...snuggling! Cosying up on the couch or in the bedroom, on your own or with your loved one is also a pretty nice way to while away the hours.

To snuggle in style you're going to need to update your home witha few key throws that you can cover yourself up with and dress and decorate your couch and bed with. Have a look at our new range of throws and we've also sourced some yummy photos from Pinterest to show how to work a throw in the bedroom.

1. Let the playful side out with this super soft leopard print snuggly throw.


2. OMG! This grey 100% pure alpaca wool throw is heaven, you seriously need this in your home!


3. This cool Chevron pattern is great in any kind of room, and it comes in 4 different colours.


4. This is another 100% pure alpaca wool throw, in a charming baby blue, and feels buttery soft on the skin.


5. Aztec patterns abound in this super cool on trend alpaca throw



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Turkish Towels arrive at I Love Linen


The hamman has long been a revered bathing ritual and the Turkish, who invented ancient bathing culture know a thing or two about creating the perfect towel.

Long on the wish list of our buyers, we've sourced a unique range of Turkish Towels direct from the region in Turkey famed for its weaving skills.

This 'sultanmet' collection of Turkish Towels have been woven from a luxury mix of bamboo and cotton, creating a seriously soft and luxe towel that is just as absorbent as a 'normal' terry towel. This is one of the great benefits of a Turkish Towel, having something so light-weight and easy to roll up into your beach bag that also dries you like you need it to.

And, you can also use a Turkish Towel as a sarong, a beach blanket or picnic rug or even as a chic throw over a chair to add a touch of international style.

All our towels have been sourced on sale - now $45, rrp is normally $80 so you better get in quick.



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A Kantha quilt montage

We've written about Kantha quilts a lot on the blog, that's because we just LOVE this bed linen trend and we had a lot of fun making these mood boards that we shared on our Facebook wall. The colours of the Kantha quilts we've sourced are so bright and fun that they put a well deserved smile on your face.

They've all been pre-washed to lock in the dye too, meaning these gorgeous colours will live on and on in your bedroom.

We've sold out of a few of our kantha quilts but you can still pre-order them from us, tell us what you're after at help@iloveline.com.au


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Charcoal - stylish and easy to work in your bedroom.

Our second most poplar sheet is Charcoal (with White the #1 seller). Customers love Charcoal and it's easy to see why - it's a gorgeously deep and elegant colour that adds some depth in your colour palette without dominating your room.

Charcoal can be used all year round in your bedroom, just mix it up as the seasons change with a different quilt cover, cushion covers and throws. Updating your bed linen is easy and affordable and we've given you some tips to think about when designing your room to match your bed sheets. Add a simple throw for detail, think about art on your wall that adds personality, play around with contrasting colours in your furniture and last but not least, charcoal bed linen really pops when you add some greenery in your room, and we really love the idea of a terrarium!

Lauren xx



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Have you considered recreating the hotel experience at home?


Now that we’re heading into the warmer months it’s essential that you have bedding and bed linen that lets you breathea. Not only does breathing keep you alive, but it also makes for a great night’s sleep. Have you ever spent the night in a hotel and returned home to bed wondering how on earth they managed to make sleeping feel so magical?

Well with four secret ingredients we can bring the magic into your home, and this isn’t a wish that requires closing your eyes and blowing out the canldes on your birthday cake! The four parts to the puzzle include a quilt cover, a pillow, duvet and mattress topper. Our King and Queen ‘hotel style’ bed linen quilt covers are 1000 thread count – need we say more? –and they are all yours for less than the price of a one-night stay in a ritzy hotel.

Our pillows and mattress topper will leave you feeling like you’re sleeping on cloud nine. The mattress topper that we stock took 12 months to design and refine in order to meet the high standards set by 5 star hotels. That’s a great deal of precision, and it has paid off. As for the pillow, it has all the support that is required of a good quality headrest and we promise that it will not ever go flat. And if you are reading this, you have come at the right time, because we are currently offering a second pillow free with every pillow purchased! Go on, see what all the fuss is about!

If you have any questions on our hotel bedding range then email me at lauren@ilovelinen.com.au - I'd be pleased to help!

Lauren Roe



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Kantha brings Summer right into your bedroom

There's a new trend in bed linen and we want to share this with you, it's a artisan based, hand crafed style of bed quilt or bed bed throw and it's known as Kantha. We are loving the vibrancy and glamour a Kantha quilt instantly gives to your bedroom.

And in a few weeks we will have Kantha Quilts all on sale! So this is jusy a little teaser of what you can expect - and they'll all be on sale!

Kantha quilts are all hand stitched and woven from vintage fabrics that are just bursting with colour. They are carefully designed with thousands of tiny little hand stitches by female artisan weavers. What I especially love about Kantha quilts is that each one is totally hand-made and unique, and has a wonderful soft and ribbed texture reflecting the decades of history in each piece.

We will have 10 quilts available, all hand made, so if you're interested now contact me at lauren@ilovelinen.com.au and I can reserve yours before it goes on sale. RRP is $230 but our Queen Kantha quilts are only $165. A luxury steal.

Lauren xx


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Colour-tastic in the bedroom


It’s taken me a few years but now it’s true: I am a convert to bright colours in the bedroom. I like to mix up my quilt covers and I always have a good chic classic white design and then to welcome the warming Spring air I throw on a gorgeous splash of colour, tweak the styling of my vases, prints and other knick-knacks in the bedroom and unleash a fantastic pop of colour!

Bed linen is like fashion to me, and every season should be met with a change to the bedroom. We often think about changing our coat for Winter, or buying a new swimsuit for Summer, while our poor old bed looks on yearning for a refresh too!

We sourced this incredible range of quilt covers for those who are not afraid of colour and really want to create a bright happy room in their home. It’s called ‘Squaw’ and we definitely think this pop of tribal pinks, blues, whites and browns will put a deserved smile on your face.

When you have a brightly coloured quilt cover you can work your accessories both ways, and either go the whole way with bright accents or keep things minimal and let your lovely new bed linen do all the talking. Hope you like the bits n pieces we chose to go with our Squaw quilt cover.

Lauren xx


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Spring Fling! Lighten up your bedroom with soft colours and vintage tones.


As I sit here busily researching colour and pattern trends for your bedroom this Spring, it must be said that the current brrrrrr-like weather conditions at the I Love Linen headquarters are less than Spring-esque, so much so that I am looking longingly at the lovely range of blankets and bed throws we have on sale.

However - I am ever the optimist and today’s post is about one of the very important rituals that I hope you’re thinking about: changing the quilt cover design on your bed to herald the coming of Spring and Summer of course! Just like the old Spring Cleaning ritual, changing up your bedroom at this time of year is a great way to reinvigorate your passion for your home.

Your bed linen is a reflection of your personality and your state of mind. As the weather starts to warm up I always recommend shifting your style to bring out lovely soft colours with nice bright pops via the use of fresh flowers, or a new object d’art.

I am really loving the new range of quilts that we curated for you – and I’ve used the Paisley quilt cover set and mixed it with some charming vintage inspired furniture. I love the old suitcases used as a bed side table! You can easily create a similar effect with a wooden bed side table, the point is to choose pieces for your room that are earthy and then add delightful splashes of colour to create an overall stunning look for your bedroom that really matches your new bed linen.

As always - shoot me an email or call if you want to get in touch!

Lauren x


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More natural and DIY beauty tips for your bath time.

I had lots of people wanting to know more about the delicious rose and coconut body scrub. You have to try making it as it's absolutely gorgeous.

I have some more at home spa treatments to share with you - simply by mixing a few items together that you've probably got in your cupboard already.

My tip is to add essential oils like rose, verbena or even something citrus based like orange to the body scrub mix to create a fragrant smelling mixture that will leave your skin polished and soft!

Happy bath time!





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We love: the sheer delight of a good bath towel to match a good bath.


Attention lady bathers!

Now I know that as I start this post there will be some among you who are not fans of a good, long, relaxing soak. That's fine! If it's showers that are more your thing then I promise I will cover that another time. The good news for you bath naysayers is that you still need a good quality bath towel to dry you so at least I have that part covered!

But right now we're here to celebrate the true indulgent affordable pleasure of a bath.

I love taking a bath and the whole ritual involved. Running the water and pouring in a good quality bath oil to leave my skin smelling sweet and feeling soft. Prepping the bathroom; if it's evening then I will light a few candles and maybe even turn some music on low. I can spend an hour in that bath just forgetting everything that's been on my mind, as I let the warm scented water envelope me and give me a great big hug.

Oh, and the best part of taking a bath as a way to spend my down time? It's a totally cost effective way to have some fun! You've already got the bath in your home waiting to be used, and I wanted to share with you a fantastic little recipe for a homemade and utterly divine rose and coconut scrub that I found over at The Beauty Department (great site by the way).

After you've scrubbed yourself clean and you're smelling like a delicious rosey n coconutty cocktail (mmmm!) the final part of your ritual is drying yourself. Guess what - your bath towel needs to match your bath experience ladies so if you have some natty old towel hanging in your bathroom right now you're disrespecting the sacred society of lady bathers (that socieity totally exists!) - and lucky for you, yes, I have sourced some rather nice bath towels for you to choose from so do yourself a favour and make sure your next bath soak is finished with a lovely, absorbent and fluffy Egyptian Cotton bath towel.

To make the ultimate Rose & Coconut body scrub that's a personal fave of mine - click here!



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Style council: how to work white sheets with this classic Vintage inspired look


It's no surprise that white bed linen is one of the most popular choices. It's the highest selling item in our sheet selection in our online linen store!

White is pure, refreshing and really creates that crisp linen look in your bedroom. We love white sheets, especially when they're freshly laundered and you slip into bed and feel snug, clean, and cocooned.

If you're choosing bed linen, white works because you can shape it to your own bedroom design. Shabby Chic, Retro (like our inspiration board here), Contemporary, Beach Style - it works in any of these settings.

When choosing bed sheets for your room, white sheets are a safe option because you can bring out other colours through the choices you make with your furniture and styling. We've shown you how to create a very cool Vintage inspired bedroom by sticking to mid-century furniture shapes, some cool vases, a chic throw rug ( available in our online linen store) and a classic lamp in a bright cherry red to add a great pop of colour.

Why not treat yourself to our 1000 thread count white sheets - as they really do feel amazing because we source linen made from 100% A1 grade cotton.

Happy shopping!


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