A French linen touch


In celebration of the holiday season we spent the afternoon at the gorgeous Talle Valley House, curating a festive dining tablescape. We dressed this stunning 8 seater hardwood table in French linen, florals, and our DIY bon bons - perfect for an upcoming holiday feast. Our intention was to create a scene that was easy enough for you to recreate in your own home, but unique enough to have all your friends asking - did you really do this?



French linen, lookbook, beige gingham, bedding



Firstly, find your perfect Table Cloth fit. We offer three different sizes across our range, so make sure to measure up your table and explore the sizes we have available to find the French linen Table Cloth for you. We are fans of drape here, so it's always good to have a few extra centimetres to work with. You will find our Table Cloths are rectangular, though don't feel like you must have a rectangular table as well, we often use them on a circular table and they still work wonderfully. 


It's now time to choose your Napkins. On a table this size, we recommend 4 sets of French linen Napkins in at least 2-3 different designs. This way you have a Napkin and a bon bon per plate. Collect cutlery, crockery, and any candle-ware from around your home. If you have kids around, send them to forage for florals and foliage. Pour wine and enjoy the quiet while they're off on their mission. Roll your French linen bon bons and get ready to layer.





The layering process isn't as daunting as it may seem, begin with your Table Cloth, set each place with cutlery, crockery and Napkins as we have done. Place some of the florals in recycled jars and lay them down the center of the table - evenly spread. Layer greenery between each jar until you have a homemade botanical centerpiece. 


Now, add a personal touch! Here at I Love Linen, we adore a handwritten place card and feast menu. If you enjoy a more polished look, jump on Canva to design your own cards and have them printed in time for your occasion. Placecards sit above each place setting and menus on top of each plate. Dehydrated orange adds a wonderful pop of colour and a divine natural perfume to your table, so it's a great idea to incorporate these any way you can. 






Fill crystal glasses with a well deserved bubbly (we are loving the Vintage Brut from Clover Hill Wines), take a step back and appreciate the masterpiece you've just created.


Style Notes:

Candles by Black Blaze

Plates by Round House



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