Posted: 31 January 2019


Sleeping on Pure French Linen

If you’ve ever slept on linen before you would have had that moment of climbing into bed and feeling the cool, textured weight of the fabric as it drapes across your skin. Pure luxury is how many of our customers like to describe it, and we too, find that hard to disagree with. 

With years of expertise behind us as second-generation linen experts, Lauren, the founder of I Love Linen, has spent a lot of time and care designing and refining the small details that make loving linen so easy. From our genuine French flax hrough to our hemstitched hand finishes, we take great pride in our French linen bedding and exclusive range of colours.

Many of our customers exclusively sleep on our premium French linen not only for the luxurious look and feel, but also for linen’s natural health benefits. If you haven’t yet slept on linen, then here is our little guide as to why so many people love this fabric.  

Learn more below. 



Our natural fibres do more than look pretty

Naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, linen is perfect for people with sensitive skin. Thanks to the hollow fibres of flax, linen fabrics provide natural heat regulating properties, meaning that linen retains heat during winter and during the very peak of summer allows for natural air flow, keeping you perfectly cool as you sleep. 


A lot of love and time goes into making your linens

Our beautiful linen bedding all starts with our premium raw flax which when first woven produces a rough and scratchy fabric. This fabric in times gone by was what bedding could be made from. Thick, but very uncomfortable, taking a long time of ‘wearing in’ to soften the fabric. Fast forward to the 21st century and we’ve added one more step so our linen is immediately soft and ready to sleep in as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. This also means that your bedding is at its maxiumum softness.


Stonewashed linen is at its maximum softness

In order for you to be able to enjoy your bedding immediately, we ensure that all our fabric is stonewashed to its maximum softness. 
Imagine a machine with hundreds of pumice stones inside, the fabric is placed in that machine which spins around and gently softens the fabric, ensuring that you can slip right into bed and enjoy your bedding. 


A luxury product requires luxury care 

Linen is a luxury product, with our linen sitting at 170 gsm – and so, as is expected with any luxury item, there must be a certain element of care involved for you to be able to get the most life out of your linen as possible.

Linen care is relatively simple. We recommend that you have more than one sheet set (doesn’t need to be linen) and rotate your sheets so they are not in constant friction as you sleep. Of course, we have a few other linen care suggestions, here, that we do recommend you read if you sleep or are thinking about sleeping on linen. 


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