Bamboo Care Guide

Good for the planet, great for your sleep. To care for your Bamboo is to make your bed better.


Your new premium Bamboo Bedding is woven in our signature twill weave to help you achieve a perfect night's sleep. We spent almost a year testing and trialling different types of fabric, until we discovered the best combination that we know you will adore. Premium quality Bamboo Bedding is one of life's natural luxuries, so please enjoy it. Like all fabrics, Bamboo is not immune to constant use, incorrect care or wear and tear.


  • Choose a gentle liquid detergent instead of powder, which can coat the fabric. Wash on a gentle cycle in cold water.
  • For longest term use we advise rotating with other sheets in your I Love Linen collection - particularly for your Fitted Sheet,
  • Line dry in the shade. Direct sunlight may cause the colour to fade.
  • A Fitted Sheet will always receive the most pressure from our bodies as we move about in our sleep. This may cause signs of pilling earlier than items that receive less friction. Slight pilling is normal for natural fibres, especially in response to friction, and isn’t a fault or defect.
  • Ever wash in hot water, as it will shrink the bedding. Don't wash with rough or abrasive items like denim or sharp buttons, which may tear the fabric or cause pilling.
  • Use bleach or fabric softener.
  • Leave your Bedding exposed to direct sunlight.
If you have any questions or need further assistance on how to care for your beautiful new Bamboo Bedding reach out via email to our Customer Care team at